Attorney Marketing & Legal Websites in Spanish

Personal Injury Attorney Websites & Marketing in Spanish

attorney marketing in SpanishOur firm specializes in Spanish language marketing for Attorneys & creating Legal Websites and Internet legal marketing for attorneys in Spanish.  We help law firms connect with the Spanish speaking community in the U.S.  Since Spanish speakers in the U.S.often are those who do physical and  dangerous work, they are more likely to get injured or killed on the job. (See: Rate of Fatal Occupational Injuries to Hispanic or Latino Workers, 1995-2007  and this related article For Hispanic Immigrants, a Higher Job-Injury Risk.

Also, too often they are victims of serious vehicle accidents in which they are injured or killed. Spanish speakers need the services provided by personal injury attorneys but often don’t know how do find them. We can help you find each other.  We offer comprehensive Personal Injury Attorney Marketing in Spanish and related business consulting about the Latino culture and community.

Our Spanish Language Attorney and Lawyer Strategy is Several Fold:

1. Translation services for all of your marketing and intake materials to better serve and reach Spanish speakers in your market area.

2.  Create Spanish Language Websites which are geographically and / or practice area specific and which rank high in organic searches on the search engines. We customize the website to reflect the nature of your firm’s work and personal approach.

3. Use of quality keyword rich Spanish Language Domain names which are logical and easy to remember for Spanish speakers and good for intuitive online searches.

Our Geographic Based Website Examples:

Our Practice Area Focused Website Examples:

We have invested in hundreds of Spanish language geographic and practice are domain names to utilize for our clients’ online legal marketing projects.

4. Specialized Spanish language content which give our sites high rankings on Google and other search engines We create this content based on our exhaustive research.. Almost all of our completed geographic sites are on first page for Google for the most commonly searched keyword terms by Spanish speakers looking for PI Attorneys due to: traffic related accidents, work related accident, medical malpractice, wrongful death, animal caused injuries, elder abuse, products liability, personal injury of all types, etc.

5. Business, Language and Cultural consulting and support to help you structure and operate this aspect of your practice and office in the most appropriate and time and cost efficient way.

6. Discussion about how to leverage your new Spanish language assets for maximum online and offline benefit.

7. We also specialize in subtitling or dubbing your promotional or informational videos into Spanish.

Latinos and Hispanics also have need for the services of attorneys who specialize in the worker’s compensation area of law or who work in helping disabled workers receive Social Security Disability (SSDI).  We can help you reach them in Spanish.


Criminal Defense Attorney Marketing in Spanish

The huge numbers of Spanish speakers (40 million as of 2010) in the U.S. also creates a significant need for criminal defense attorneys who can reach them in Spanish.  In many cases they do not know where to turn when in need of legal assistance.  Having your criminal attorney presence established or expanded online in Spanish, and by strengthening your physical presence in the Spanish speaking community, you will make it easier for Latinos and Hispanics to find you when they are in need of legal assistance.

Bankruptcy, Foreclosure and Credit Attorney Marketing in Spanish

attorney marketing in Spanish Due to the large and growing Latino population, Spanish speakers in the U.S. have their fair share of financial and credit issues.  Again, they are often unsure where to turn when facing bankruptcy, foreclosure or credit challenges.  Spanish speakers need to have access to Bankruptcy Attorneys, Foreclosure Attorneys and Attorneys who specialize in credit repair issues.

Our Attorney Marketing Services
  • We work with any legal specialty
  • We can translate your current Attorney websites into Spanish.
  • We can create new Legal websites in Spanish. See the following examples:
  • We can show you the value of using Spanish language domain names for these new sites.
  • We create websites that are culturally, graphically, geographically and linguistically appropriate.
  • We provide your website with content rich Spanish keywords and Spanish language meta tags which can enhance your Google/Search Engine rankings for keyword searches made in Spanish.
  • We can create demographic market reports about the Hispanic market specific to your DMA giving you detailed information about the Spanish speaking market potential for your business and marketing strategies to employ.
  • We can translate your direct mail campaigns into Spanish.
  • We help create Spanish language brochures and pamphlets.
  • We can show you how to increase your client base using online and offline marketing strategies in Spanish.

Contact us begin marketing your law firm in Spanish to the Spanish speaking community.

We legal marketing in Spanish for all of the major Latino populated markets below and more:

  • New York City            
  • Los Angeles           
  • Chicago
  • Houston                     
  • San Antonio           
  • Phoenix
  • El Paso                       
  • Dallas                    
  • San Diego
  • San Jose                   
  • Santa Ana               
  • Miami
  • Hialeah                      
  • Austin                     
  • Albuquerque
  • Denver                      
  • Tucson                    
  • Fresno
  • Laredo                       
  • Long Beach           
  • Fort Worth
  • Anaheim                    
  • Corpus Christi       
  • Philadelphia
  • Brownsville               
  • Las Vegas              
  • Oxnard
  • San Francisco           
  • Riverside               
  • Salinas
  • Pomona                      
  • Ontario                  
  • Cleveland
  • San Bernardino         
  • Seattle                    
  • Detroit
  • Sacramento               
  • Portland                  
  • Orlando
  • Oakland                     
  • Tampa                     
  • Atlanta
  • Chula Vista                
  • Baltimore                
  • Washington D.C.
  • McAllen                      
  • Boston                    
  • Newark
  • Bakersfield                
  • Stockton                  
  • Mesa
  • Paterson                    
  • Milwaukee              
  • Indianapolis