Attorney Marketing in Spanish & Legal Websites in Spanish

By Rob Coven | June 16, 2012

lawyer websites in SpanishIt is interesting to note that many legal firms are purchasing keywords in Spanish to drive traffic to their personal injury, bankruptcy or criminal defense websites. It is perplexing that many of these legal websites have no Spanish content at all.  This seems like a huge waste of time and money.  Worse, it is insulting to Spanish speakers looking for and needing legal assistance. For instance, if a Spanish speaker types in “Abogado de Denver” (Denver Attorney) into Google because he is looking for legal assistance in the Denver area he will find pay per click advertisers whose websites have no Spanish.

lawyer websites in Spanish

Or if he types into Google, “Abogados de Accidentes de Camiones” Truck Accidents Attorneys, he also will find language challenges with many of the search results.

Let’s say I am a Mexican national construction worker in the Denver area.  I have been in the country for 10 years and although I speak a little English, I don’t read and understand it that well.  I get hurt on the job and I am looking for a personal injury attorney in Denver (Abogado de Lesiones Personales de Denver)  I need legal services in the Denver area and Spanish is my native language.  I am much more comfortable in reading and comprehending Spanish than English.

I type in the keywords logical to my Spanish brain: “Abogado de Denver” looking for an attorney in the Denver metro area.  The results I get would logically suggest to me as a Spanish speaker that the websites  listed under those keywords “Abogado de Denver” would all be written in Spanish; or at the very least be bilingual websites written in English and Spanish.

legal websites in Spanish

For some reason many attorneys think that buying Spanish language keywords for their personal injury legal practices while offering websites only written in English is a good marketing strategy.  It isn’t.

Continuing the example: If I am injured on the job in the Denver area and really need a personal injury attorney in Denver and you lure me to view your website using the Spanish keywords Abogado de Denver, but I only get English content when I click on your website, chances are you have lost me forever.  Linguistically and culturally Spanish speakers will be turned off by websites seeking Latino clients but only offering them English content.  It seems like an insult or betrayal.  They think you just don’t understand how to market to them.

I like to think of this issue metaphorically.  You are a Italian national living in the U.S. and are lonely for the comforts, culture and cuisine of your country.  You make friends with a co-worker whose lunch box is filled daily with pasta and lasagne and the foods you grew up on.   You tell him how much you miss home cooked Italian food.  As a friendly gesture he invites you to his house for dinner only to find they have brought in Chinese.

In short: Deliver what you are promoting.  If Spanish language keywords is part of your legal online marketing strategy then Spanish language website content is what you must deliver.   The Spanish keyword strategy is a good welcome mat for the Latino community but you must “greet them when they knock on your door”.



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