What Personal Injury Attorneys Need to Know about Latino Workers: Part 1

By Rob Coven | July 29, 2012

The Latino and Spanish speaking community in the U.S. is hard working, dedicated, loyal and honest. They often wind up with the jobs no one else wants or physically can do. Dangerous work environments can make this community more vulnerable to serious and even fatal work related accidents. Their lack of English skills may prevent them from heeding or understanding warnings and make them more susceptible to injury or trauma from defective products or medications. In these situations they need to know that they have may legal rights which might pay for their medical bills, pain and suffering.


Attorney Marketing in Spanish & Legal Websites in Spanish

By Rob Coven | June 16, 2012

It is interesting to note that many legal firms are purchasing keywords in Spanish to drive traffic to their personal injury, bankruptcy or criminal defense websites. It is perplexing that many of these legal websites have no Spanish content at all. This seems like a huge waste of time and money. Worse, it is insulting to Spanish speakers looking for and needing legal assistance. For instance, if a Spanish speaker types in “Abogado de Denver” (Denver Attorney) into Google because he is looking for legal assistance in the Denver area he will find pay per click advertisers whose websites have no Spanish.


Hispanic Workers Face Very Dangerous Conditions

By Rob Coven | May 15, 2012

U.S. Secretary of Labor Hilda Solis is “particularly concerned about our Hispanic workforce, as Latinos often work low-wage jobs and are more susceptible to injuries in the workplace than other workers. U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) show the number of Hispanic workers who die on the job has risen as the overall number of workplace deaths has declined. According to the BLS, fatalities among foreign-born workers accounted for 74 percent of the fatalities among all Hispanic construction workers since it began collecting foreign-born information.


U.S. Latino Culture: Doing Business with the Latino Community- Part 1

By Rob Coven | March 4, 2012

Business people are becoming aware of the potential the U.S. Latino community offers to them. Yet most non-Latino business men and woman do not speak Spanish or know much about Latino culture. Many may be hesitant to engage the Latino community in marketing and business strategies without some knowledge about them. They also want to be careful to reach out to them in culturally appropriate ways.


Hispanic Population Growth Last Decade: The Latino Market on the Rise

By Rob Coven | January 26, 2012

The U.S. Hispanic / Latino population grew by 50% last decade according to the U.S. Census Bureau. This is a powerful demographic shift touching every part of the U.S.; all 50 states were involved. For all of those want to cultivate the Latino market, the Hispanic market and the Spanish speaking market, there has never been a better time to ‘get in the game’.


Latino & Hispanic Marketing: The power is in the numbers

By Rob Coven | December 10, 2011

This chart summarizes & overviews the economic potential by creating a Latino, Hispanic marketing plan in the U.S.


How to Better Attract Latinos & Hispanics to Restaurants

By Rob Coven | November 9, 2011

Restaurants who are looking to attract Latino or Hispanic customers would be better off by providing food and service geared toward families especially those with young children. Remember Hispanics do things more as a family than non-Hispanics and they are a young demographic. They also have larger families.


Denver and Big City Attorney & Lawyer Marketing in Spanish

By Rob Coven | October 29, 2011

Many attorneys ask me how they can effectively reach the local Hispanic, Latino and Spanish speaking community in Denver. The Denver Hispanic population is sizeable; 301,283 which ranks as the 17th largest city in terms of Hispanic population in the United States. Obviously this presents an opportunity for attorneys willing to pursue a market niche few attorneys are marketing to


Localization: Localizing Websites for Spanish Speakers

By Rob Coven | October 24, 2011

Localization is the term generally used when making adjustments to the marketing of a product or service to another culture, people of another language or to those who live in or are from another country. In the case of Hispanics or Latinos living in the U.S., it is not simply about translating the words of an English language marketing campaign into Spanish. It is also way of marketing the product or service to the target market, in this case U.S. Spanish speakers, Latinos or Hispanics, in a way they personally and culturally identify with. Localization integrates the marketing of a product or a service into the both the language and the culture of the intended consumer group.


Who are Latinos? – Demographics and history

By Rob Coven | August 16, 2011

Latinos include diverse people who originate from Spanish speaking countries in Latin America, the Caribbean, and Spain. The recent rapid growth of the Latino population should not overshadow the long history and presence of Latinos in the United States This is particularly the case among Mexicans who originally became part of the United States with the annexation of Texas in 1845 and the signing of the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo in which Mexico ceded much of what is the U.S. Southwest today at the end of the war between the two countries in 1848.