More Reasons Why Marketing in Spanish to Latinos is Essential

By Rob Coven | October 23, 2013

abuelita cocinandoOne of the points I have been making of the value of marketing in Spanish to Latinos/Hispanics is the emotional pull the language has to them. Even to those whose families have been in the U.S. for multiple generations and consequently have members who speak English well, respond positively to be addressed in their native language.  An analogy I like is how we respond to grandma’s home cooked meals; we are pulled in by the essence of the culture and how it feels.

Take a look at this data and take about language and media use:


• More than eight-in-ten (82%) Latino adults say they speak Spanish, and nearly all (95%) say it is important for future generations to continue to do so.
Sources: Pew Hispanic Center (April 2012)

The majority of Hispanics (59 percent) claim to speak Spanish all the time, with another third saying they speak Spanish at least half of the time. Only four percent of Hispanics claim to never speak Spanish, according to Market Segment Research.

U.S. residents 5 and older who spoke Spanish at home in 2013 was 40 million or 75.1%. Those who hablan español constituted 12.8 percent of U.S. residents 5 and older. More than half of these Spanish speakers spoke English “very well.” Source: U.S. Census Bureau,

dia de gracias• Hispanics spend an average of 17.3 hours per week watching Spanish language TV, and 12 hours listening to Spanish language radio, and 1.6 hours reading Spanish language magazines and 1.2 hours reading Spanish language newspapers; compared with only 11.6 hours watching English language television, 7 hours listening to English radio, 1.7 hours reading English magazines and 2 hours reading English newspapers, according to Market Segment Research.

Hispanics on average are spending 8.7 hours per week online. (Terra’s 2012 Hispanic Digital Consumer Study by comScore)

Hispanic radio usage is greater than the general market (RADAR 109, June 2011, Arbitron)

• Hispanics made up 16 percent of the TV audience during the 2013 NBA finals, a 31 percent increase in viewership from a year ago. (Source: Nielsen)

Spanish language marketing is not sneaking up on us; its here!  Focus on this market and the niche advantages will come to your business.

Rob Coven is president and founder of Market To Latinos an online, Spanish language based, marketing and consulting company. He has been working and living with the Spanish speaking and Latino community since 1984. He writes blogs and shares important articles and research on the Spanish speaking population in the U.S. and abroad. Call Rob at 706-850-7555 or

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