International Business: Marketing to Spanish Speakers Worldwide

By Rob Coven | April 18, 2011

Internet Penetration of Spanish Speakers

Many business people do not realize the numbers of Spanish speakers around the world who actively search for products and services by U.S. based businesses. Unfortunately most U.S. based businesses have not translated their English language websites into Spanish so that Spanish speakers around the globe can be better served.

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Businesses in the U.S. who are set up to offer their products or services to the Spanish speaking community here in the United States can also be developing an international market and presence at the same time. Businesses who are have not created Spanish language content on their websites are simply missing out on a huge market.  Spanish speakers around the world believe something important about U.S. products and services. They believe they are better than the products and services offered in their home countries. They will go out of their way to buy from American companies.

Reaching Spanish speakers worldwide is relatively simple.  They like .com websites because they know that usually they are websites of American companies.  U.S. businesses who have a service or product that Spanish speakers in other countries would use and buy can communicate to them easily and expand their market without having to venture into other country’s TLD’s.  There is great value for .com Spanish language websites as seen from beyond our geographic borders.  Everyone knows that 50 million Latinos live in the United States and 40 million of them regularly speak Spanish. That is reason enough to join the tens of thousands of businesses who have websites with Spanish content.   In addition research shows that there are 140 million Spanish speakers worldwide who regularly use the Internet.  You can reach them as well with slight additions to your online marketing presence.   Communicate to them in Spanish!

We Americans usually learn one language and think in terms of our own personal cultural experiences only.  Consequently we don’t naturally think about the fact that Spanish speakers in incredible numbers would be our loyal customers if we only reached out to them in the way their culture and language prefer.

Se habla EspanolSavvy business people already know this. They are the ones with Spanish language websites, Spanish Language Domain Names, multiple websites in both English and Spanish and cultural images on their websites to attract the Spanish speaker and Spanish speaking consumer.  Plus for those searching in Spanish via Google or other search engines, Spanish language content will make your website much more findable to the online Spanish speaking community.

In an economic time where businesses are looking to increase productivity and sales without raising costs too much, potentially reaching 140 million Spanish speakers already online with some tweaks to your online presence is a small investment with potentially large returns.











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