U.S. Latino Culture: Doing Business with the Latino and Hispanic Community- Part 2

By Rob Coven | May 30, 2011

Everywhere I have traveled or lived I see certain traits which define Spanish speakers.  One of those traits businesses can focus on is how connected the Latino community is to each other and how they get their information.  Latinos are experts at passing the word.  They have learned from a history of economic challenge and a lack of modern tools that if they want to know something they must talk about it.  Now as they have emerged economically and socially they can afford modern tools to enhance their natural networking capabilities.

Latino TextingTo give you a powerful example I will speak of young people in Cuba.  My wife is Cuban and I have been in Cuba 6 times in the last 7 years.  During our visit in 2010 I noticed a different ‘revolution’ than the one the U.S. government always talks about when referring to Cuba. Cell phones!  It had been 3 years since my previous visit during which I never saw a single cell phone.  Now everybody has them.  What does this have to do with doing business with Latinos here?  Latinos everywhere love to communicate; About anything.  After all there isn’t much new to talk about in Cuba.

If your business is directly or indirectly involved in communications, the Internet, media, etc. and you are not consciously targeting the Spanish speaking community as part of your marketing strategy, you are missing a huge market.  All of the big wireless, telephone, cable and telephone companies clearly know this.  They all have bilingual websites, bilingual website designs which include the cultural look and/ or Spanish language websites to complement their English ones,  They all hire Bilingual customer service representatives or at least have departments where Spanish speaking employees are available to help customers.

Yet many non-Spanish speaking businesses don’t have a clue about the U.S. Latino community and continue to ignore the obvious.  As Spanish speakers and members of the Latino community establish themselves here in the United States they have need for the same services as do the tried and true English speaking consumer.  In the area of media, communications, Internet, phones and anything that has to do with networking online and off, the Latino market is a slam dunk gold mine waiting to be embraced.


Rob Coven is president and founder of Market To Latinos an online, Spanish language based, marketing and consulting company. He has been working and living with the Spanish speaking and Latino community since 1984. He writes blogs and shares important articles and research on the Spanish speaking population in the U.S. and abroad. Call Rob at 706-850-7555 or info@MarketToLatinos.com.

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