What Personal Injury Attorneys Need to Know about Latino Workers: Part 1

By Rob Coven | July 29, 2012

The Latino and Spanish speaking community in the U.S. is hard working, dedicated, loyal and honest.  They often wind up with the jobs no one else wants or physically can do.  Dangerous work environments can make this community more vulnerable to serious and even fatal work related accidents.  Their lack of English skills may prevent them from heeding or understanding warnings and make them more susceptible to injury or trauma from defective products or medications.  In these situations they need to know that they have may legal rights which might pay for their medical bills, pain and suffering.

The Latino community needs the services of Attorneys with both a caring and compassionate heart and superb legal skills.  Even undocumented workers need to know they too may have legal rights in the U.S. They are most vulnerable to serious injury or death from unsafe or dangerous work situations and products.  They need information about what are their rights to compensation and medical care when faulty work situations and products lead to their injury, health issues or physical trauma.

Attorneys who are willing to put their attention on this community of potential clients will find little competition from other personal injury attorneys yet great need from Latinos / Spanish speakers, here in the U.S.  Its time attorneys stepped up,  and equipped themselves both for financial and humanitarian reasons and help this market community.




Rob Coven is president and founder of Market To Latinos an online, Spanish language based, marketing and consulting company. He has been working and living with the Spanish speaking and Latino community since 1984. He writes blogs and shares important articles and research on the Spanish speaking population in the U.S. and abroad. Call Rob at 706-850-7555 or info@MarketToLatinos.com.

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