About Market To Latinos

We are a multilingual, multicultural and multinational team of linguists and business and marketing experts experienced in bringing your message to the Spanish speaking community.

About Market to LatinosWe know their personal and professional needs.  We can help you to market to Latinos regardless of their country of origin. We can reach Latinos of all levels of income or education.

Our company’s native Spanish speakers are also fluent in English. They are bilingual, professional translators.  They are the most qualified to write or refine your website’s content focusing on words and concepts which connect to a Latino’s cultural roots.

We are able to write your Spanish content in the Spanish dialect that is best to reach your specific Latino target market; Mexicans, Cubans, Puerto Ricans, etc.  Just as English has its regional differences, so too does Spanish.  Or we can write it in a standard Spanish which all Spanish speakers understand. We help you to create Bilingual Website Designs and Spanish Language Websites that work.

We don’t recommend that our clients use ‘auto-translation tools’ to translate their English website into Spanish thus creating computer generated Bilingual Website Designs.  Auto-translation is not accurate and will make you seem unprofessional, out of touch with or uneducated to Spanish speakers.

Rob Coven Market to LatinosRob Coven is the President and founder of Market to Latinos, LLC, a consulting and Spanish language marketing firm specializing in bridging the marketing and business divide between the English and Spanish speaking worlds. Rob’s connection to the Spanish language, Latino culture and the Spanish speaking community began in 1984.   Rob has lived and traveled extensively in Latin America spending the majority of 1998-2007 living, working and starting a family there.  His business and marketing knowledge gives him great insight on how to work with and create marketing campaigns to attract and connect with the Latino community.

Rob is also a domain name expert who has been researching and recognizing the value of strategic Internet domain names since 1999.

Rob is known for his vast business and life experience which has led him to create a personal life and business team in many different Latin American countries.

Kris Aziza photo 3 bw aJean Fondeur has been an experienced graphic and web designer as well as a highly skilled online marketer since 2009. He has  experience designing clean and user friendly responsive websites and developing WordPress themes from scratch.  His latest innovation is creating online marketing automation. His online marketing strategy uses Infusionsoft® software, which helps create automated marketing campaigns including lead generation, email marketing and profile based sales funnels.  He is head of sales, marketing and web design at Market To Latinos.